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About Juli

Juli’s innate vocal intelligence allows her to meaningfully relay material to a wide range of listeners. She instinctually understands copy and its intended audience and skillfully interjects humor when appropriate.  Her focus on instructing others always feels more personal than generic for listeners ages 5 to 105.

A student of human behavior, Juli's life's work as an educator has been using her voice to teach, direct, and inspire. As an acting coach, she guided people to first understand text, and then optimally deliver directors’ visions.

She is the founder of B Nice!
TM Productions, creating and presenting her critically acclaimed program, “No More Bullies!”©, to thousands of students, staff, and parents. She simply thrives behind a microphone. 

About Juli
J. Michael Collins Headshot

Juli is one of those voice actors who just gets it. Effortlessly competent and with remarkable range, Juli brings presence and energy to any piece of copy. She can pivot from clear and wise to snarky and silly with ease and has the well-rounded worldliness to grasp the nuances of any subject. Hire her. You won't be disappointed.

J. Michael Collins

Award-Winning Voiceover Producer


Tara Langella Headshot

Juli has a unique voice that embodies authenticity and relatability. She is a true professional who brings intelligence, humor and believability to each genre and has an innate ability to identify and connect with an audience.

Tara Langella

Award-Winning Voiceover Artist

Dan Azarain headshot

Juli's voice is memorable and unique. I listen to heaps of demos, and many of them tend to blur after a while as they are very similar. Not Juli; her performance stands out. She brings a punctual, sincere, and effective presentation to any copy she delivers.

Daniel Azarian

Award-Winning Creative Director

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Juli is instantly coachable, and never met copy she could not enhance for the listener.

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